Titicaca Lake Tours

Difficulty: medium

Duration: 13 hours

Coach bus trip, motorized boat, visit to archaeological sites

We will pick you up from your hotel between 07:00 and 07:30 hrs (only hotels from the center of the city) and we begin our trip to the Titicaca Lake, we will travel through the Altiplano (High Plateau). After a 2 hour trip we arrive to the narrower section of the lake: the Strait of Tiquina, we will cross it in a the rudimentary local ferry along with local people.
Arrival to the town Copacabana at 12:00 and we will have lunch in a local restaurant. After lunch we will get on board of a public boat to travel through the Titicaca Lake, along with other tourists and town people, to the Sun Island. In Sun Island we will visit Yumani, there we will visit “Escalinata Del Inca” (Inca’s stairs) which leads us to the “Fuente de las 3 aguas” (the Fountain of the 3 Watersheds), the tradition dictates that if you drink from its water you can have eternal life.
You will have some time to take pictures of the lake and the astonishing Royal Range of the Andes and we will go back to the boat to return to Copacabana, there we will make a quick visit to the town, enriched by the combination of the Andean and the Christian points of view, the religious sanctuary in honor of Candelaria Madonna, an important pilgrimage site for Bolivians, is located in this town.
Bus to La Paz city at 18:30, arrival to La Paz bus station at 22:00 approximately, where our transportation will be waiting to take you to your hotel.

  • Visit to the north part of the island: Challapampa and the archaeological site of Chincana.
  • Visit to the Moon Island and the Sun Virgins Temple of “Iñak Uyu”
  • Visit to the town of Sampaya, characterized by its stone buildings dating from the time of the Aymara tribes.
  • Tour of the "Orca del Inca" or Copacabana Calvary
  • Low difficulty trek from the north to the south part of the Sun Island, by precolumbian routes oir Inca Trail.
  • Observation of Titicaca´s Lake giant frog in the community of Sahuiña.

To visit the archaeological sites it is required to walk up hill by stairs at the Sun and Moon Islands.

  • Daily bus departures from La Paz, crossing the Tiquina Strait by local boats.
  • Daily bus departures from Puno, crossing the Bolivian-Peruvian border of Kasani.

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