Highlights of Santa Cruz: Amboro National Park and Samaipata

Travel tips

13 May de 2019
Late Bolivia

Can be done at a 2 DAYS AND 1 NIGHT trip, on DAY 1 travel in the morning, it is a 2 hour trip, to the Mataracú Tent Camp, at arrival they welcome us and give us an orientation talk. Later we visit choke Bibosi “The Eiffel Tower Products”, a whimsical wonder worthy of being observed and understood in all its splendor and natural essence. Later enjoy the cool, clear waters of the natural pool at the MTC to later visit at a guided walk through the Path “Las Pozas” where the route passes through interesting secondary and primary forest in Amboró National Park where we enjoy the charm of the dense and diverse vegetation of tropical rainforest in the company of the enigmatic sounds of birds and insects, a real natural symphony. We will also have the opportunity to visit the dinosaur fossils and waterfalls and green pools.

When we get back to MTC we can enjoy a delicious coffee with traditional fresh baked!.

We recommend a night hike.

On DAY 2 walk the “Dinosaurs” path the day will allow us to go deep into the rainforests of Amboró, enjoy the lush vegetation and will listen to some of the animals that inhabit inside or detect their presence through their tracks. On the way pass by the mysterious caves and cliffs where are found fossils of a new species of dinosaur.

Arrival at the “Dinosaurs” Falls where we take a refreshing short break to enjoy the crystal waters and the majestic scenery and a delicious picnic lunch. It is time to get back to Santa Cruz and finish this great adventure!

Combine the AMBORÓ NATIONAL PARK with a visit to THE FORT OF SAMAIPATA “EL FUERTE”, SAMAIPATA it is 4 fuerte-samaipatahours far from Santa Cruz, on the afternoon of the first day you can visit the Archaeological Museum, the town of Samaipata and surrounding areas and later take a drive to the archaeological ruins of the fort (Last Inca Vestige), where you will discover the mystery of this amazing culture. Finally return to Samaipata for dinner and overnight.

The next day drive towards the FERNS FOREST AT AMBORÓ PARK, at the south side of the Park, where we can enjoy direct contact with nature. Hike on nature trails through the damp cloud forest where we will be witness of the giant ferns forest, more than 10 meters high. Ecosystem whose origins are millions of years old. Return to to Santa Cruz but on the road have a nice stop to visit the waterfalls of the “Caves”.



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