Tayka Hotels Network, rustic hotels at the Uyuni Salt Flat and the Colored Lagoons circuit

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13 May de 2019
Late Bolivia

Maybe you have heard or read articles talking about experiences related about the accommodation in the Uyuni Salt Flats and the Colored Lagoons tour, "there are not too many alternatives for accommodation" or that the re are some basic shelters around the Salt Flat in San Juan, Puerto Chuvica, Aguaquiza and Coquesa and also others close to the Avaroa Reserve in Huayllajara and Quetena. But if you require more comfortable accommodation the Tayka hotels are a great alternative.

The Tayka Hotel Network complies three lodges in the indigenous communities of Tahua (“Hotel de Sal”), San Pedro de Quemes (“Hotel de Piedra”) and Soniquera (“Hotel del Desierto”) along the Salar and the Siloli Lipez Desert, in the Department of Potosí, which are wonderful natural attractions near the Bolivian-Chilean border in Hito Cajones. The hotels are strategically located to make a complete circuit in the area.


The hotels are located in an altitude range between 3700 masl and 4500 masl, weather is generally cold.

The rooms in all the hotels have a private bathroom, hot water, heating and the hotels have a very good restaurant served by locals.


In the northern part of the Salar de Uyuni, at the foot of the Tunupa Volcano, is the “Salt Hotel”, a rustic hotel mostly built with blocks of salt.

Very close to this hotel, there are the local museums of Chantani and Coquesa. After visiting the museum of Coquesa you can´t miss a hike to the Tunupa Volcano viewpoint or if you are in shape, you can program in advance making a trek to the volcano crater!.






At the southwest of the Salt Flats the “Hotel de Piedra” of San Pedro de Quemes is located, very close to the "Pueblo Quemado" with a lot of history about the war between Bolivia and Chile, where Bolivia lost the access to the Pacific Ocean.






And on the edge of the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna Reserve, in the middle of the Siloli Desert, is one of the most exotic hotels in Bolivia, the “Hotel del Desierto”, in the middle of nowhere” with a magnificent landscape.





  • All hotels have solar and motor electricity, which offers the possibility of charging cell phone batteries, however the charging of these devices is limited after 10 at night, since this energy is only used to provide electric light. For this reason it is not possible the use of hair dryers or electric jugs or other devices that use a lot of energy.
  • There is a radiators heating system, which is starts into operation from 5 in the afternoon until 10 at night. During the night it is possible to request extra blankets or a hot water bottle.
  • There is a satellite WIFI signal until 10 at night, in the restaurant and reception areas, but the speed is not as desired, however it can be used to communicate via WhatsApp or other platforms.
  • Breakfast service hours are from 6 am to 8 am.
  • Dinner service hours are from 7 pm to 8:00 pm.
  • Hotel reception has a first aid kit and oxygen tank.
  • The hotels have double, triple and quadruple rooms, all with private bathrooms and a solar thermal system for hot water showers.
  • The restaurants of each of the hotels have a beautiful decoration and the attention is provided by the members of the communities themselves, it is a good opportunity to experience the kindness of each of them, but also their great capacity in the preparation of national and international dishes.

Remember that with your support this hotel network can improve the life of the local communities. Thank you!



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