Jesuit Missions tours – UNESCO world heritage in Bolivia

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13 May de 2019
Late Bolivia

UNESCO named towns of Chiquitos Intangible Heritage of Humanity, unlike other Jesuit towns are in ruins only Chiquitos still keeps its beautiful churches, musical scores, customs, costumes, parties, ceremonies , manufacture of instruments and musical tradition. These towns are San Xavier (distant 240 km from Santa Cruz de la Sierra), Concepción (290 km), Santa Ana, San Rafael, San Miguel and San José de Chiquitos, plus San Ignacio de Velasco (460 Km), Santiago de Chiquitos and Santo Corazón, which have not been included in the UNESCO declaration but are equally comparable attractiveness and rich heritage.

Experience 2 days at the beautiful missions of San Javier and Concepción Jesuit churches, German Busch Museum, Stone of the Apostles, visit to an artisanal cheese factory, visit to craft workshops and folklore and anthropology museums, tours to the Zapoco dam and to the orchideary.

On the road form Santa Cruz to San Javier Jesuit church there are the Stone of the Apostles and the Cotoca Sanctuary.

The architectural features and spatial distribution mission followed a pattern that was repeated with variations in the balance, the San Javier Mission was the basis of this style of organization, a modular structure and a large square of environment in which focused the church, cemetery, schools, shops and homes.



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