Some additional tips for your travel to Bolivia

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14 May de 2019
Late Bolivia

Travel Bolivia

A valid passport with an expiration date 6 months after your return. Check the list of countries requiring visas. Before traveling check with the consulate of Bolivia in your country.

Passport and copies, numbers of the insurance company, a copy of the insurance policy, driver’s license for to rent vehicles, cash, credit card (in U.S.), telephone, address and contacts of LATE BOLIVIA.

Electricity and batteries 110 and 220 volts. Anticipate an adapter (connections with American standards).

For the use of cell phones, to communicate to or from the exterior are only used tri band devices, however, you can call from your hotel or from the different long distance telephone points found at multiple points in major cities and almost all rural towns.

For more comfort, you are advised to travel “light” and carry only what is necessary, as compact as possible (a large suitcase and a smaller backpack for the day).

For hiking and climbing, it is important to limit luggage weight to 15 kg to avoid overloading the porters or mules.

Lago Titicaca

If you plan to shop, is only allowed to take up untill 20 kg on most flights to destinations across the Atlantic. It is advisable to hire a Baggage Loss Insurance.

It is advisable to have a medical examination before the trip, due to the altitude of some of the destinations in the country and climate variations.

Some recommended vaccines: Polio, typhoid, hepatitis A and B and yellow fever to travel to the Amazon.

Travel with a personal kit, vitamin C, aspirin or equivalent, anti diarrhea, intestinal antiseptic, broad spectrum antibiotic treatment, anti-inflammatory ointment, eye drops, adhesive tape, band aids, towels, disinfectants, treatment for colds, sore throats and ointment against sunburn.

Distances between cities in Latin America tend to be quite large, in many cases 8 hours or more. Therefore, one way to save money is to travel by night and sleep in the buses.

The cheapest hotels are in areas close to the terminals of buses or trains, however, such areas are not very safe.

You must be careful about the hygiene when you want to eat on the street, although it is very cheap.

In Bolivia it is not hard bargain over the prices of handicraft, however, is much better to buy in groups to get a bigger discount on the entire package.



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