Rurrenabaque: Jungle or Pampas?


13 May de 2019
Late Bolivia

The Bolivian Amazon can be visited from the city of La Paz, there are daily connections to Rurrenabaque, which is called the “Gateway of the Amazon”. From Rurrenabaque tours start towards the “Jungle of the Madidi Park” and also to the “Pampas of the Yacuma River”, both destinations (Jungle and Pampas) are separated by a considerable distance so if you want to visit both of them you will need at least 5 days. The characteristics of the Jungle and the Pampas are:

– Madidi Jungle: A national protected area category, is characterized by a mountainous zone which provides a high biodiversity and unspoiled nature, the owners of the territories and the lodges are the same indigenous communities that live inside the park, the tours in the jungle are done hiking and by a motorized boat and wildlife observation is not easy due to its large size of the area and the difficult access. It is difficult to observe mammals and reptiles, however it is almost always possible to see capybaras, peccaries, turtles and alligators while traveling through the river, the possibility to see monkeys and birds of a very rich diversity of species is also high.

– Yacuma River Pampas: A municipal protected area, much more intervened by human, most part of the zone is devoted to livestock, so the reptiles, monkeys, capybaras and birds are concentrated in certain places that make it easier to observe and interact with, although in much less variety than in the Madidi. Its main attraction is the pink dolphin endemic to the Amazon.



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