Death Road (Coroico)


13 May de 2019
Late Bolivia

This road was officialy built by POWs during the “Guerra del Chaco” (The Chaco’s War) in the late 1930’s, and due to the Yungas’ extreme and difficult weather conditions, this people had to work through conditions ranging from cold, snow and rain to extreme heat and mist, this can be explained due to the altitude of this road, from 3600 masl to 4650 masl.

Since it’s quite challenging for anyone, prepared or not, to cross this part of the country only to get to the northern amazonic jungle of La Paz, the government built a new road that is safer and, well, completely functional! The Death Road is actually difficult for drivers due to its width, from 4 meters to 12 meters (approximately 13 to 39 feet) in a road that is built on the highest part of a cliff with a drop to a 800 meter imminent death. THAT IS PRESSURE!, but again take this guys word for it!

Nowadays, this road isn’t used for transportation as it used to be, it is mostly a touristic attraction for adventurers and bikers that prepare for different conditions during the most challenging bicycle races throughout the world. And there are tours for people that just love downhill bike rides, it is a nice workout and a nice way to spend a weekend, except if you suffer from a heart condition.



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