Abenteuer im Amazonas-Regenwald

3 bis 6 Tage

Madidi Park and the Pampas of the Yacuma River

Das Amazonasgebiet umfasst den tropischen Regenwald des Amazonasbeckens, welcher der weiteste tropische Regenwald der Welt ist. Der bolivianische Amazonas-Regenwald bedeckt ungefähr 35 % der Landesfläche mit natürlichem Urwald und üppiger Artenvielfalt. Unter den Hauptzielen des Gebietes rangieren: Der Madidi-Nationalpark, das Reservat der Gemeinden in der Pampa des Flusses Yacuma (Reserva Municipal de las Pampas del Río Yacuma). Der Zugang zu diesen Abenteuerdestinationen von Urwald und Pampa befindet sich in Rurrenabaque, das 50 Flugminuten von der Stadt La Paz entfernt liegt.



Named as "Chalalán" because of the lagoon where the ecolodge is located, fully managed by the local community of San José de Uchupianonas, which has an ethnic Quechua-Tacana origin.

There are shared and private cabins, small treks at the rainforest, night hikes to appreciate the wildlife. 

There are birdwatching and sport fishing specialized guides.

Built and managed by the Tacana community of San Miguel, among the best atractions of its zone they have the San Miguel Canyon and the red macaws cliff.

The combination of this two lodges offer a complete experience at the beautiful Bolivian Amazonia: Madidi Park and the Pampas del Yacuma Reserve.

To combine the visit at both protected areas it is required to have at least a 4 day stay.

It is located at the "Pampas del Yacuma" Municipal Protected Area, 3 hours far from Rurrenabaque by a car drive.

There are private and shared cabins available and river and Pampas expeditions.

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