Turismo no Los Yungas (Coroico)

Informação de viagem
Subtropical Yungas valleys are located in the foothills of Los Andes Mountains, in La Paz, it has a semi tropical climate and lush vegetation. It is characterized as a wetland, with abundant precipitation and cloudy, it´s perfect for growing coffee, citrus, sugar cane and coca. From La Paz city you will experience the descent of Cordillera Real de Los Andes, 4000 meters above sea level, to the Amazon basin that varies between 2,500 and 600 meters, creating one of the richest eco-regions in the country. 

The proximity of this region with the city of La Paz, especially the North Yungas, has towns as Coroico, Chairo, Caranavi begun developing tourism alternatives for those who want to get away from the city and be in a single contact with nature.

For Sud Yungas, the most important towns are Chulumani, Yanacachi , Irupana and other small towns, good accommodation and tourism services choices. 

Coroico and "Death Road"

Coroico has 23 thousand people and it´s essentially a tourist place; it was one of by the Aymara, as Chulumani, Coripata and Irupana. Although there are very few old buildings, it´s still possible to see traces of colonial and republican architecture in some of their homes.

The Death Road is currently one of the most popular tourist destinations of Bolivia, is also known as "The World's Most Dangerous Road", is a route of 65 km long from the "Summit", a step of high mountain in the Andes, at 4000 meters, which until 15 years ago this route was the main access road to the forest of the Yungas. This road becomes legendary for its extreme danger because of its steep slopes, sharp curves, with a width of a single lane road in many segments (3 meters wide). Currently the form of access to populations like Los Yungas, Coroico and Yolosa is through a new paved road, so "The Road of Death" is today consolidated almost exclusively as tourist circuit for the mountain bike descent.

Location: City of western Bolivia, in the province of Nor Yungas of La Paz department, 100 km of La Paz (seat of government).
Elevation: 1525 masl
Average temperature: 22 º C.

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