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Management Category: National Park


Extent: Area of 16,570 hectares (165 km2). The Torotoro Park access is from the city of Cochabamba (Cochabamba).


Biogeographic subregions, altitudinal and weatther: Prepuna is typically mountainous region with deep canyons, valleys and waterfalls, the altitudinal range between 1900-3600 masl and the climate is mild, with precipitation levels below 600 mm. typical  of the regional.


Vegetation and flora: In the flora of the  Torotoro park we can highlight some species like o quebracho (Aspidosperma spp) or mountain pine (Podocarpus parlatorei).


Fauna: Taruca (Hippocamelus antiensis), the marmoset (Felis Jacobite), stood in front of the world endemic macaw (Ara rubrogenys), the parrot (Myopsitta monachus).

Local Population:The pattern of occupation in the Park is of ancient origin, is concentrated in the Torotoro Valley and surrounding communities inside are: Q'asa Huayra, Wila Q'asa, Huayllas, Viluyo, Laguna, Cruz Q'asa , Inca Corral, Estrellani, Molle Court, Hacienda Loma.


Tourism: Torotoro Park, next to Sajama Park and Eduardo Abaroa Reserve, has the most stunning scenery in the country, contains important geological and geomorphological values as the extensive caverns of Chiflonqaqa, Umajalanta and others. There are also dinosaurs footprints.


Source: SERNAP



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