Tours at Torotoro National Park

Duration: 3 days 2 nights

Difficulty: medium-high

Optional tours:

  • Specialized program in caving with a visit to Chiflonqaqa cavern
  • Extension of the visiting program to Cochambamba, Urkupiña, Upper and Lower Valleys and Villa Tunari.

Departure from the city of Cochabamba (from your hotel or from the airport). Cochabamba is the 3rd city and economic importance in Bolivia, is known as the "City of Eternal Spring" for its climate agrdable, beautiful gardens and calm life of its inhabitants. It is almost 2600 meters above sea level and has over a million and a half inhabitants.
Leaving Cochabamba road to pass by population Torotoro Cliza populations and Tarata. Tarata is the provincial capital and is known as the "Villa Colonial" has a lot of historical importance in the era of independence; Cliza is also very attractive for its typical markets.
Torotoro Arrival after 5 hour trip, lunch.
Afternoon visit to the cave Umajalanta, attraction is 10 kilometers from the town, out in private, then walk about 3 hours (optional), dark paradise of stalactites and stalagmites, as well as gaps with blind fish . A pitch of 20 feet high by 30 wide Umajalanta eats the river. The country's largest cave in his gut keeps stalactites and stalagmites of more than 60 million years.
Umajalanta account with 4,600 meters long and 164 meters of altitude, the input is more than 2,850 meters above sea level and descends to 2686 meters. By accessing, scarce oxygen and the silence is only broken by the roar of the river running through the cave. A headlamp, a helmet and a good physical condition are needed. Amid the slippery rocks, the first gallery opens the visitor with limestone formations.
Return to the village for dinner Torotoro.

Departure to Itas, majestic mountains of sedimentary rocks located at 21 km from the town, consisting of a set of stone labyrinths leading to innumerable narrow caves and rocks of curious formations, like "Gothic Cathedral" plus paintings. Among plants chacatayas, thahus, pepper, and itapallus thunas is this mountain of sandstone is between communities and Yunguma Ovejería. Five hours are required to meet the whole stone labyrinth leading to numerous caverns.
Return to Torotoro and lunch.
Visit the dinosaur footprints, the existence of paleontological samples throughout the area of the protected area, make the park in the region of greatest paleontological representation of Bolivia and one of the most important in Latin America.
1 hour walk, return to Torotoro and dinner.

Visit to Canyon and then we Torotoro optional visit to Orchard, located 3 ½ miles from the population (about 4 hours walk), a place of spectacular beauty, with waterfalls and crystalline springs / Optional: visit to the cemetery Turtle, where we can find fossils and fragments of sea turtles back 65 million years.
After lunch return to Cochabamba.


Access to attractions may be limited during the rainy season, so the roads that access the Torotoro population. The rainy season starts in December and ends in March.

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