Trekking and Climbing

2 days


Bolivia is an ideal country for mountain and trekking activities. The Andean Cordillera and its branches crossing through the country offer experienced and novice thrill seekers the possibility of defying increasingly their skills. The most visited mountains are the following:

- Illimani, Mururata, Condoriri, Huayna Potosí, in Cordillera Real
- Sajama, Pomarape and Parinacota, in Cordillera Occidental (western)

Regarding trekking, Bolivia is part of the great network of Caminos de Inca (Inca treks) or Qhapaq Ñam. One of its most valued routes is the pre-Columbian trek known as Chucura or Choro passing through Cotapata National Park in Los Yungas, La Paz.

The most visited mountain on this cordillera for short treks and panoramic view is Chacaltaya, a defunct ski slope that is located 50 minutes from the city of La Paz.

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