Uyuni Salt Flat, complete Tips and Informations about the tour

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10 May de 2019
Late Bolivia

There are 3 places from you can access to this the Uyuni Salt Flat & Colored Lagoons, one is from San Pedro de Atacama (Chile) this city is 1 hour far form the bolivian border, form there you continue through the Eduardo Avaroa National Reserva crossing a volcanic range, colorful lagoons (green and red lagoons) to finally get to the Salt Flat. The other way is from Tupiza, wich is 3 hours far from Villazón/La Quiaca (the bolivian-argentine border), form there you will need to cross the Eduardo Avaroa Reserve also before getting to the Salt Flat. Both options are very good.


The most popular tour starts in the town of Uyuni, it is 9 hour far from La Paz, to get to Uyuni you have many options:

- Bus La Paz - Oruro and train Oruro-Uyuni, spend night in Uyuni, there are some very good options to stay in Uyuni (Petit Porte, Los Jardines de Uyuni, Girasoles, Magia de Uyuni). And also out side Uyuni you can find beautiful salt hotels (Luna Salada, Cristal Samaña, Palacio de Sal).

- Direct night bus La Paz - Uyuni, not the most confortable but it helps if you need to save some day trips. Most of the road is not paved.

- Flights form La Paz to Uyuni, the companies of Amaszonas and Tam Militar operate one flight almost every day.

Once you are in Uyuni you have many options, there are a lot of tour operators in Uyuni but not many responsible and at least good quality, so it is very important that you choose one adviced or hired form a company tour operator in La Paz, some operators in La Paz know which are reliable and give a good service, always importante to have some assistance for this issues in La Paz.

The regular tour is 3 day long, I wolud if possible take at least 4 days which wolud include the Uyuni Salt Flat, the Incahuasi Island, the Tunupa Volcano, the Red and Green Lagoon and the whole Eduardo Avaroa Reserve.

At the whole circuit you sleep in different places each night, close to the salt flat you can sleep at salt builted shelters but the next nights are also available basic shalters with shared rooms and bathrooms.

Other alternative for accomodations are the Tayka Hotels wich are distribuited strategically at the whole circuit, the have very good hotels, one of them is a nice salt hotel. A very unique hotel in the world is "Luna Salada Hotel - Uyuni", completely built with salt blocks.

The transportation is made with 4wd cars, at the shared service there are 5 or 6 tourists per car, if there is a group of 3 or 4 people i would recommend a private service, it is more expensive but since the roads are not good is very pleasant to travel a bit confortable.

All this information will help you to enjoy your visit to the Uyuni Salt Flat, for sure it is a unique experience in the whole world, but it could not be a nice trip if you do not hace all of the information as possible and do not have some local assistance.



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